Q Who is using Winspark?
A There are more than 300 installations of Winspark now running. There are also 45 versions of the sister package XEvolve now running as well. It is used from California to Singapore with several dozen installations in Europe. We have also introduced a special version for the last run of Hilger systems that used the PC104 single board system. We also supply spares for these microprocessor systems.

Q What was 'PCA100' ?
A PCA100 was a program I developed in the late eighties. It was written in Quick Basic and was designed to look like Philips X40 in an attempt to
allow ARL Spectrometers to have a similar feel. A small number of systems were provided mainly in the UK but being MSDOS based and suffering from the disadvantage of being written in an obsolete language, it could never match the function and enhanced features of packages like WINOE and so on. That was why in 2001 we decided to develop Winspark. I see someone else is claiming the credit for developing the PCA100 software. I suppose I should treat that as a backhanded compliment !!

Q I've read on another UK site a suggestion that Windows is no good for use with optical emission spectrometers.
A Every instrument manufacturer without exception now produces software written for Windows. This is by no means an accident. We think it is more to do with that individual's inability to do event programming than the unsuitability of Windows !!!

Q What are the advantages of using Winspark Software over existing packages
A Many systems are either Dos based or older windows based systems that have not really been designed to operate on current platforms like Windows 2000 or Windows ME. The Dos based packages only use a fraction of the computers processing ability and memory. These programs were written in languages that were developed in the eighties before pentiums and large memory sizes. Winspark also has more options and facilities than any other package available. It has a fully built in certificate producer, full data aware graphics and is compliant with many databases including SQL server.

Q I have a Hilger system using PC-Plus. I need to update to use a new computer using one of the more modern systems like Windows XP but PC-Plus only runs on older computers and does not run under Windows at all. Can Winspark solve these problems?
A Yes, Winspark can run ARL, Philips and Hilger Spectrometers including the E980 range and the Polyvac 200 series.  It can run on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Q Which ARL Spectrometers can Winspark operate?
A The 2460, 34000, 3460,3360, 3560 and 4460.

Q Which programming languages are used to write Winspark and Lims ?
A Only industry standard development tools are used. These include Visual Basic 6, VB.NET and Visual C++

Q Can Winspark transmit results to a works database or a Lims syste?
A YES. Older less versatile systems could only transmit results by sending a file to a server. Winspark can do this but can also connect to remote data objects like ODBC and SQL Server