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The new Metal Lab Plus CCD system with a powerful half meter CCD Optic is proving very popular in the UK. Within a year of it’s launch, it is already installed in applications for cast iron/steel, copper base and solders

Optical emission spectrometry is the analytical technique often chosen for its speed and versatility in determining the chemical elemental composition of metal alloys.

Thanks to the method precision and the short analysis time, it represents a valid control system of production in most fields of the metal industry (primary alloys foundries, metal processing industries, mechanical industry) in any time during production cycle, when it is
necessary to have a fast and accurate chemical analysis of material.

GNR Analytical Instruments, thanks to its twenty five years experience in the field has designed a large range of analysers to offer the most suitable instrument for any need or application.

Traditionally spectrometers used photomultiplier detectors that were fragile and needed a high voltage supply of around 1000v to enable them to operate. As these are thermionic devices they
often had a limited life span. The major disadvantages was their physical size, cost and the need for slits and mirrors   
to enable them to be effective.

There are still some applications where photomultipliers are still needed (e.g. Nitrogen measurement) but in the majority of cases, the CCD option has proven to be both versatile and stable.

Wide Range of Spectrometers

We have a wide range of spectrometers ranging from portable systems for positive material identification right up to full laboratory systems. One of the fastest growing areas of interest is the Rotroil system which allows the analysis of wear metals in oil etc. directly without the need of sample preparation.